As you know very well, in time traditional economic models have developed in a way to instill in people a feeling of possessiveness towards whatever they may need.

Under linear economic models dictated by capitalism, we processed raw materials and products we obtain from the nature and marketed them for human purchase. Those who made the purchase used such goods for some time, only to discard them into the nature later on. We polluted the planet, acted wasteful and spent lavishly.

However, from the 2000s onwards, we saw the emergence of a new trend in economy.

Instead of making significant payments to own an asset, the idea of using it for the time of the need and then leaving it started to sound more interesting.

Hence, enabling the owners of passive assets to generate income and having the users benefit from such assets to the extent of their need through small payments they make was found to be rather reasonable.

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International Sharing Economy Summit

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